Photo editing apps are awesome to beautify, colourify you along with your mood of the picture. Masterpiece exposers and effects are included in an image editing app. It is much more beneficial for those who don’t know the complex or advanced level of image retouching or enhancing. So Which is the Popular Photo Editing App?For an example, Photoshop is an incredible image enhancement software by which you can make yourself represented like a model. You can use Photoshop not only for beauty makeup, retouching, reshaping but also represent yourself like a model. But unlucky for us who don’t know all complex level of photo editing works.

Thus, photo editing apps are wonderful for Android devices to change the look of the photo instantly. As well as, it creates a creative door to edit photo effect in just your own style. The easy and convenient way of photo editing is the main reason to change images. Now, here is the question which one is better: Photo Lab or Prisma? I won’t tell the direct answer to that question as both are a masterpiece. I will be a little bit of sideways talker not answering the direct answer. Haha-_-. But surely, I will tell you the preference of my own choice at the end of the content and before that disclosing the features of Photo Lab and Prisma.

Popular Photo Editing App ( PhotoLab vs Prisma )

Popular Photo Editing App

Photo Lab Picture Editor

Photo lab is a marvelous photo editing app which can do an awesome thing with photos. It’s so much fun to make a new look for adding favorite effects into pictures. With vast photo editing fun generator effects it has been downloaded over 18 million times. For information, it contains more than 600 photo effects. The most recent Masterpiece of photo lab is amazing Double Exposers.

What Special Feature it includes – 

Neural Art Styles: Don’t have any idea to beautify your photo style? Not to worry about, photo lab got the solution. It contains 50 pre-set styles in a new smart way to turn into any photo style.

Beautiful Photo Frames: Final touch photo frames are available to make your lovable photo surrounding. Just pick one of the photo frames to make lovely frames surround tour picture.

Realistic Picture Effect: Put your picture in a far-fetched setting. Artificially glamorize it on an elite auto or abandon it as sand engrave on the shoreline. You are welcome to get another magnificent experience!

Face Montages: Swap your face effortlessly and transform yourself or your companion into a pirate, a space explorer or a terrible creature. The most complex montages are made automatically by a face location algorithm to make the most unusual selfies.

Photo Filters: Haven’t tell you that the photo editing app can make you a pro image editor? Yes, with latest photo filters feature you can edit the picture to add some style with different photograph channels, for example, Black & White, Oil Painting, Neon Glow and numerous others.

Photo Collages: Have lots of photos? You can collage it all together in just one photo. Just choose the layout and collage all your favorite photo into different styles.

So, the natural and simple application interface helps you to edit photo rapidly. Very nearly about dozens of new photo frames and effects are added in each update. This app always tries to keep up a productive exchange with users. Oh, there’s more you can inform the authority to add your effect in the library and see your desired effects in the next update.

popular photo editing app


Prisma is an awesome photo editing app that uses artificial intelligence to edit your image into an artistic effect. It was launched in 2016 as a free photo editing app. But within a week, it gets the popularity and had downloaded over 7.5 million times. So popularity among the users tells the accuracy of artistic transforming features.

It’s an easy and simple app for edit photos. Users have to upload pictures and select the filters what suit his/her mood. And this editing app transforms the picture into your artistic effect. At first, this app had only twenty variant filters.

What Special Feature it includes – 

Smart Photo Editing App: The brilliance of the Prisma team and their approach to using cognitive systems to analyze images is amazing. The app is fun to use. The new market choices make the app always engaging. It’s hard to have one photo and have to select which rendition to choose from – they all look artistic.

Incredible Effects: You just take your normal picture and with a touch of a button or maybe two you can have a fantastic looking “piece of art”. And if you put your finger on the picture after the effect has taken place and slide it either left or right, you can decrease or increase the present effects.

A unique combination: Prisma transforms your photos and videos into works of art. It uses the styles of famous artists like Picasso, Van Gogh, Levitan as well as world famous patterns and effects. A unique synchronization of neural networks and artificial intelligence helps you to edit memorable images into art pieces.

Paintbrush on Canvas: This app takes a photo and breaks it down. Later, it turns images into something new. Finally, your images look like something created by an artist with a paintbrush on canvas instead of a photo.

Without the Internet: You can use this wildly popular photo editing app without the internet. It has made a breakthrough in Android Apps to allow users to edit photos.

The Superior

Both of these photo editing apps are mind-blowing photo app which makes other so lame. Everyone is crazy for Prisma in social sharing. It turns a photo into artistic works. Some reviews can be summarised as it is a new master as a photo editing app.

On the other hand, Photo Lab is the app I love. It’s the Popular Photo Editing App I’ve found by far. It is really an easy and professional looking app. It helps to make photos look awesome. Also, some freaking and awesome filters to make crazy funky cool images.

So, my preferable app will be the Photo Lab. But I am also used to edit photos by Prisma. Especially, whenever I want to give my photos the artistic paint look.