Smartphones and games both are inter-related with each other. A smartphone without games and games without addiction can’t even imagine. Whenever we think about any game, some kind of excitement and addictive games come into our mind at first. Games are not locked up now smartphone only; it has spread up its’ wing on the social media too. No matter, if you ever not played any game on the Facebook but surely you might hear about Green Farm 3 game.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best games ever in the history of social media games. Green farm 3 was mainly introduced by the Gameloft on Facebook for the first time. Basically, Gameloft was known about developing app games only for smartphones earlier. Gradually they start making games for social network side and their first try was Green farm to enter this new site.

Green Farm 3: In Dept Review

Launching History of Green Farm 3

In the very beginning, Gameloft used to develop the game for iPhone, iPad and Android users. Eventually, they tried to venture into a new world of social media sites like Facebook. Who used to play Farmville they know how much addictive this kind of games can be. Unfortunately, those farming games seemed kind of boring to the users.

In that time, Gameloft introduced their new game which is Green Farm 3 to Facebook. Gameloft is well experienced in making new kind of exciting game. Also, they are best in giving a super polished look to any new game. Green Farm 3 is considered as one of the best looking, most smooth and most polished visualized farming game so far. Facebook users found this game very much interesting and addictive as well. If one plays it for the first time, there is no doubt that s/he going to play for the second time too.

This game got so many positive responses after launching for the first time. Green farm 3 games very easy to load, every character is fun to play, visual graphics are really amazing and lively, for these reasons it becomes one of the smashes hit on Facebook.

Green Farm 3

What is so special in this game

Basically, Green farm 3 is a modern farming game where you can rediscover farming adventure in a new way. If you are looking for something related to the greenery and exciting then this game is perfect for you. A number of new characters with a new rich storyline, a brand new atmosphere, easy controlling the game will certainly give you the pleasure of experience this game.

There are some special reasons which might be the reason for making this game so much addictive. They are such as:

  • Firstly, you can easily discover a new greenery world through the fresh green look and outstanding visualization.
  • Secondly, you can have a number of challenging task and win those task easily also by the help of your friends and neighbor.
  • You can feel the real life farming through completing mission full of harvesting, crafting, planting and much more.
  • Undoubtedly, it is one of the top social games where you can grow with the help of your friends. Thus this game can help you to make friendly and social as well.
  • Another amazing thing about this game is, you can have full control over the game. Your easy controlling power can make your farm more effective, simple and exciting.
  • However, the colorful and joyous nature of the farm can make anyone fall for it. You can feel better by playing lots of cool character.

Green farm 3, a game of real-life farming experience

Green Farm 3

If you are well acquainted with the game of Farmville then you will find Green farm 3 quite similar to it. The basic story of all kinds of farming games is generated from a mascot game, Harvest Moon. Likewise other farming games, Green farm 3 also begins with a piece of land and some cash so that player can start planting crops. Depending on the crop, plants start growing in their normal way which may take some hours or someday.

There are two types of crops available in this game. One is a common crop and another is the extraordinary crop. Due to reusing facilities, you can get long term profit in case of organic crops. On the other hand, extraordinary crops can give you a higher profit from their sale. In fact, the crops are absolutely fertilized by your friends.

There are a number of options to choose your favorite character via spending some real money. You can customize any of the characters by purchasing them. Comparing to other Google+ games, green farm 3 has a fantastic background look along with pleasant sounds. The characters are made of Avatar which is really very much attractive and real life looking.

Green farm 3 has the option of chatting or interacting with your friends in real time while visiting them. Only a few of the games have such an option on Facebook. There are a fun and interesting system in Green farm 3 by which you can win prizes on every day’s logging. No doubt, green farm3 is one of the top addictive games of Facebook. For that reason, only this game has the possibilities to beat the Farmville in the case of popularity.

Green firm 3, a perfect game to be your addiction

By playing this game, players can be addicted from the very first minute. There are a number of reasons which might be considered as the reason of your addiction. After considering all the pros and cons, I have tried to write this review from my side. Hope you are going to enjoy reading it.

Green Farm 3 is one of the highest rated farming games that gives you the full-fledged farming experience and permits you to get pleasure from it continually. It offers all the nice options that the majority prime layer farming games have and it will even be connected to Facebook if you would like to get pleasure from the social aspects.

The game starts off with a very in-depth and informative tutorial sequence. These tutorials are designed to create a positive vibe so that new players perceive all the fundamentals of the sport. The tutorial can cowl every necessary side of the sport like planting and gather crops, feeding and raising animals, increasing your territory and additional stuff.

Green Farm 3

Thus you can understand well about proper farming even if you are inexperienced in it. However, the tutorial is comparatively protracted thus it’ll be a moment before you end it and find to the particular gameplay.

In-Depth Overview 

Green Farm 3 could be a delight to play for a range of various reasons, 1st and foremost is that it doesn’t need players to play it for hours upon hours a day so as to create progress. If you don’t have lots of your time to spare then you’ll be able to merely login to the sport for a couple of minutes. That time you can do some basic items like harvest and plant crops, sell turn out at the search and feed your animals. After then sign off since the sport can beware of the remainder on its own.

Green Farm 3 impresses quite with its level of selection also. There are unit multitudes of various plants to crop. Several are totally different animals that you just will raise on your farm and even a full bunch of various structures that you just will set up so as to make a product from the turn out that your farm makes.

Perhaps the simplest half concerning this game is its intuitive management theme. However, Green Farm 3 makes excellent use of the big screen of mobile devices to create the management theme fluid and simple to master.

In the case of the visual graphic, this game is an absolute delight to appear at. The colours area unit is bright, the animations are a unit are solid, the crops area unit extremely elaborated. Additionally, this game has a number of the foremost realistic sound effects out there that build the expertise far more immersive.

As for micro-transactions, you can be able to use cash to buy varied totally different forms of in-game content to increase the level. Green Farm 3 is considered as a nice farming game that you just will get pleasure from beginning to the end. There is some exclusive point in Green Farm 3 which is better than Farmville.


In conclusion, we can say, in the absence of Farmville on Google+, Green Farm plays a wonderful alternative to it. Some might face some stability issue with the game because due to its high-quality graphics. Gradually, you will get habituated with this issue, no worry. Basically, it requires a stronger internet connection but that’s not a big issue. When you will get the fun from the game, everything will seem to be very normal.

Honestly writing, Green Farm might not have got that much success on Facebook due to its competition with Farmville which is already an established sim. But Green Farm provides a good option for Google+ users and its growth will be worth monitoring, that’s for sure.