Want to express your emotions with a small digital image or icon? Or want to have colorful keyboard stuff? Wow !! Amazing Android Emoji Apps are available for you in the Play store. Thus, you can send messages in an artistic way from now on. But which emoji app should I download or which has the best features? To ease your download hesitation, I am going to review the best emoji keyboard for Android. Let’s get started –

Best Emoji Keyboard for Android in 2019

GO Keyboard - Emoji, Sticker

GO Keyboard – Emoji, Sticker

We all emoji keyboard for Android. Then why don’t you download the best keyboard from Google play? GO Keyboard – Emoji, Sticker is the Google Play Best App of 2019 in 10 countries. And it has 200 million users worldwide who are personalizing their keyboard downloading this app.

Main Features:

  • Turn your messages into smiley emoji and emoticons. Amplify your communication 1000 times louder than words using emoji and emoticons
  • Interesting and cool 800 emoticons, sticker and emoji
  • Automatic word correction to make your typing easy. Smart correction of mistyping and provide correction suggestions
  • Well-off voice input. So, type what you speak easily with accurate suggestions
  • 10000+ free colorful themes which are compatible with emoji keyboard. You can also change keyboard background depending on your moods
  • Gesture typing with various layouts such as QWERTZ, QWERTY and AZERTY keyboard for pad or tablet devices
  • Not only in English, but you can also communicate in the other 23 languages.

Kika Emoji Keyboard+Emoticons

Want to use massive emojis, smiley faces or emoticons? Then Kika will be the best emoji keyboard for Android devices. It lets you type cool emoji and emoticons instead of text messages or notes. There’s are various funny emojis and text emoticons which are easy to find to send messages. All over it is an innovative emoji keyboard which predicts with emoji dictionary.

Kika Emoji Keyboard+Emoticons

Main Features

  • Custom your keyboard style with 100+ fancy themes. Not that all weekly updates of keyboard themes are available for you
  • Set your preferred pictures from the gallery as the keyboard background. Moreover, personalize your keyboard by font, key press sound, and color
  • You can send stickers/clip art and GIFs on any social apps like Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram etc
  • You can use 100+ keyboard fonts to make your text or notes fonts awesome look
  • Minimize typing mistakes with smart auto-correction and word prediction
  • Instant voice input pressing the microphone to type your text
  • Not only in English express your feeling in 60+ languages.
  • It is the first world emoji keyboard to support Bashkir Language Layout

Keyboard – Emoji, Emoticons

Keyboard – Emoji, Emoticons is a cool, colorful and free emoji app for Android. If you don’t know how to get emojis, you should try this emoji keyboard. It helps you to input over 3000 keyboard emoji, stickers, emoticons, emoji faces, free GIF and send it everywhere like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and other social apps directly from this emoji app.

Keyboard - Emoji, Emoticons

Main Feature:

  • Thousands of free animated GIF to send directly from GIF keyboard
  • Fast smart input through auto-correction and next word prediction
  • Various keyboard layouts like QWERTY, QWERTZ, and AZERTY keyboard
  • It supports 65 languages
  • Keyboard top row emoji & number and bottom arrow row
  • Copy, cut and paste straight from emoticon keyboard android
  • You can fully customize keyboard color, wallpaper, and font
  • Awesome 1000+ keyboard themes to embellish your keyboard layout


Want to be a faster typer than your friends chatting. Then, you can download the Keyboard app. Because you can swipe to type text on the Keyboard app. So, enjoy an easier and faster chatting experience. It is Google Play Best of 2019 category winner. If you are bored with your default plain keyboard, then you should check the below features:

Main Features

  • You can use 1000+ fun GIF & emojis & emoticons
  • You can personalize your chatting with fancy and beautiful photos
  • Type some cute emoji to tell your friends what you’re thinking. Smile, laugh or angry? Just express with emoji from now on. It will be more expressive to chat. Different keyboard themes with cute and cool looks. So, choose your favorite theme and experience the greatest typing feeling. Hope that colorful themes will make your life more wonderful
  • Auto word correction in Boto keyboard. You will get the personalized fonts and get rid of using ordinary fonts in everyday chatting
  • Make chatting alive with a drum, piano, waterdrop, frog or another couple of sounds
  • It supports 70+ languages like English, Spanish, Arabic, Basque, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Lao, Malay, Polish, Persian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and so on

Smart Emoji Keyboard-Emoticons

Smart emoji keyboard is free to download. This smart emoji keyboard has lots of emoji to share your feeling on social group, friends, and family.  Also, the emoji keyboard app has a huge collection of cool emoticons and smileys for social apps. So spread Emoji faces which support all Android and other OS devices.

Smart Emoji Keyboard-Emoticons

Main Features

  • It includes too much cool and cute emoji on the keyboard with lots of colorful themes.
  • With cute emoticons, it is a smart auto-correction and word suggestion emoji keyboard app
  • Over 15 dictionaries in all major languages it features autocomplete. Also, you can add a new word in the dictionary
  • 15+ beautiful themes which are great graphics compared to all other Keyboards.
  • The emoji, emoticons and emoji stickers in the keyboard are compatible to use everywhere like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all other popular social apps.
  • Lots of users worldwide and personalize their keyboard with the best emoji typing experience
  • It supports English as a normal keyboard and other languages symbol keyboard as well


COLOR RAIN Emoji Keyboard Skin

COLOR RAIN Emoji Keyboard Skin

COLOR RAIN Emoji Keyboard theme is rain on glass wallpaper makes your keyboard theme super cool. It’s a free color rain wallpaper for emoji keyboard. If you want free, smart and colorful Emoji Keyboard for Android then this one is best for you. Besides this, It helps you to fast input over 3000 emoji, emoticons, smiley, sticker, and text face conveniently everywhere including message, text, email, and chat. You can also use smart gesture type and auto correct, highly customization with color, layout, font.

Main Features

  • Over 3000 emoji and emoticons
  • Top row number input. Gesture typing with the dynamic floating preview
  • Resize and split layout. Customizable keypress sound
  • Use all-new emoji like unicorn, taco, shamrock
  • You can send funny GIFs and Stickers from a keyboard

New Emoji Keyboard Pro

New Emoji Keyboard Pro

The New Emoji Keyboard Pro version has all the new emojis, emoticon and smiley faces. Also, you can chat with emoji faces, emoticons as there are 1000+ of options.

Main Features

  • Awesome keyboard fonts. You can change keyboard letters styles
  • Cool HD Wallpapers. You can change your phone’s wallpaper
  • Keypress sounds. Change the way your keyboard sounds when you type.
  • Emoji faces. No need for complicated emojis, you can choose from the classic smiley faces to text messages
  • You can make your own Emoji Keyboard style. Also, you can create your own keyboard using our photo background changer feature. Otherwise, select a photo or picture from your gallery.

So that’s the end of Best emoji keyboard for android List. I wish now you have made the choice that which emoji apps you want to download. So, download the new emojis for android now. No, it’s not the end below a little tip how you can enable your emoji icons.

How to Enable Emoji on Android 

Best emoji keyboard for Android

  • Enable the input. At first, go to Home> Settings> Language and keyboard. Then check the emoji keyboard to enable it.
  • To use the Keyboard, you need to change the input method.
  • Change the input method by holding the text box. Select the “Input Method” then choose smart emoji keyboard.

You may receive a warning message. When you approach to change any settings of the keyboard. Because this is the standard message in Android for any third-party keyboard. So please don’t worry about your private data and privacy. Feel free to enable it.


In this century everyone uses Android smartphones. And we always communicate with our near ones using messenger, WhatsApp, Viber. With an emoji keyboard,d it’s not possible to have fun with your colleagues and friends. Some of these keyboards have some issues like compatibility with other devices, bug problem etc. But most them support in all devices. You can also use google emoji keyword. It’s not as bad as it wears before. They are improving themselves. But if you ask me which one is my favorite as the best emoji keyboard for Android, I prefer to Go keyboard for the last couple of years. Its great features attract me much. Besides this, The size and design of this keyboard are all-time favorites to me. So which one is your favorite Emoji keyboard?

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