8 Best Ad Blockers for Android and Stay Secured Today

An ad blocker is a program which is designed to block ads from a web page. It helps the user to prevent the advertisements from being displayed. Besides this, It also helps to make the browser faster and to save bandwidth. An ad blocker can have many functions like blocking ads, protecting from viruses, saving battery, protecting from tracking and making free space in storage.

Android users can use many kinds of ad blockers. If users want to block ads on phone then there are plenty of ad blockers available for both rooted and non-rooted Android devices. Here are some best ad blockers for Android users. Here below I am telling you about the best 8 ad blockers for Android users to prevent ads and to stay secure while browsing.

8 Best Ad Blockers for Android

Adblock Plus 

Adblock Plus The first in the list and the most popular ad blocker for android is Adblock Plus. This is one of the best ad blockers for Android. This app is not only available for Android but also for FireFox, Chrome and more. Adding that, It only works via Wi-Fi and required proxy configurations to install. So, It is an app that runs in the background. Adblock Plus blocks all the ads on the web like video ads on YouTube, Facebook ads, pop-ups and much more. There are multiple firms who tracks the browsing history and online activities of Android users while browsing.

Adblock Plus helps to disable the tracking and make the browsing of the user more secured. It also provides some malware protection. There are some buttons which are used to share content on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and others. By clicking the buttons social network’s servers can use the information based on browsing habits to create a profile. Adblock Plus disable the buttons and helps to make browsing secured. This is one of the top ad blockers.

Ad-Vanish Pro 

This is one of the most popular and old ad blockers for Android which helps to block ads and stay secured. It shows how to stop ads on android phone. And It is most suitable for games and apps with annoying ads that consume screen. Some ad banners may contain malware hidden.

Ad-Vanish Pro helps to secure the phone from it. To use this app the device need not be rooted. It saves extra data usage consumed by ads especially for games like angry birds, cut the rope etc. This app works on all apps and games. It also has a search app facility. It has a feature of autostart. This is one of the best android ad blockers.

TrustGo Ad Detector

This is another best ad blocker for Android in the list with cool features. It is a member of TrustGo Antivirus and Security family. So this can be downloaded and installed from their website or google play store. Again It helps to protect the phone from malware, spyware, and trojans and removes the ads. The best features of this are to give notifications on the notification bar when necessary. It protects the phone from potential privacy violations and identity leaks.

TrustGo Ad DetectorClicking on an ad can be the reason for leaking the personal information to others.TrustGo Ad Detector scans and blocks the ads show notifications and makes sure of securing personal information. It helps to protect the information on the phone by locating the phone, locking the phone or setting off an alarm when the phone is missing or stolen. The user will be satisfied by using the TrustGo Ad Detector.


Adguard which is another popular ad blocker. One of the best ad blockers especially for Samsung users. This will block all ads only in the Yandex browser and Samsung internet browser. This app works without requiring to root the device.

Adguard It does not block ads in any other apps. It speeds up websites loading time. One of the main functions of this is filtering ads on websites. Adguard blocks the load of advertising elements such as banners ads. It also can be downloaded or installed from google play store. It removes all the annoying ads, pop-ups, blocks dangerous websites and does not allow anyone to track the activities of the user on the internet.

NoRoot Ad-Remover Lite 

If anyone is going to install an ad blocker app via google play, he can not go wrong with NoRoot Ad-Remover Lite. This is the advanced version of Ad-Vanish. It is one of the best ad blockers for Android in the list. By reading the name of the app anyone can assume that the main features of this are to remove ads while browsing and the user does not need his android device to be rooted to use this app.

Annoying pop-ups add kills the mood of anyone to play games. This ad blocker helps to avoid this problem.NoRoot Ad-Remover Lite mainly block ads which comes while playing games. It blocks ads from some popular games like Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, Temple Run, Fruit Ninja and other games in android. For working the app the user needs to create an ad block list and select all the games that he wished to be ad-blocked.

AppBrain Ad Detector 

AppBrain Ad Detector AppBrain Ad Detector is one of the best ad blockers for Android which can also be downloaded and installed from google play store. It can detect over 70 different aspects of apps which are installed in the phone such as an ad or non-ad push notifications, desktop icons with spam ads etc.AppBrain Ad Detector also alerts the user as to which apps have permissions to access the accounts and messages and helps the user to remove them.

This is the best part of the app. This app helps the user to get rid of annoying ads which not only slow down the device but also eat a lot of data unnecessarily. Overall this is one of the top ad blockers which can keep the device safe and private.

Ad Detect Plugin

Ad Detect Plugin is one of the tops and popular ad blockers for Android. It has many cool and latest features. This app also can be downloaded and installed from google play store which can detect all the advertisements of the apps that are installed on the phone. Ad Detect Plugin also detects the ads which come while browsing. It detects the ads and blocks them. The app has a feature that it can not run on its own.

The user has to make sure that he has the mother app named All In One toolbox to run Ad Detect Plugin. It has many plugins and tools to block ads. The user has to open the app and go to the plugins and he has to select the ad to detect plugin and open it. Then the plugin will give the user the details of all the apps which show the ads. It also has some other features like a flashlight, bar code reader etc. This is one of the best ad blockers in the list of best eight blockers.

Ad-Network Scanner & Detector 

Ad-Network Scanner & Detector is the last ad blocker in the list that has many cool features with very good service. It detects and blocks many but not all the ad networks that come from the apps or in the time of browsing in the device. Besides this, It can also be downloaded and installed from google play store for free.

Ad-Network ScannerBasically it scans the ad network and blocks them. One of the main features of this app is that it helps the user to understand ad networks capabilities and see what private information they are accessing. Sometimes it is difficult for the user to determine which app is responsible for the ads. Ad-Network Scanner & Detector helps to find out the app which is responsible for the annoying ads. This app also gives the user some insight to opt out as well as keeping the apps that do off the device. This is one of the best ad blockers for Android.

Finishing Talk 

It is very important to the android users to use their devices smoothly and safely. Ad blockers help them to be secured and to use their devices without any disturbing things. I have discussed here the ad blockers where some ad blockers are paid and some are free in the google play store. Some of the apps also can be downloaded from there official websites. Ad blockers are getting more popular for Android users to block annoying ads and to keep their phone secured. The user will feel satisfied to browse by using any of this most popular and best eight ad blockers. So enjoy browsing, playing games and using apps without getting disturbed by the ads.